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Digital Transformation Consulting

Transforming your Customer's Experience through innovative analysis of conversations


Its all about working with you


With MQC as your Consulting Partner, we will ensure that you excel at proactively intercepting and responding, in a timely manner, to all of your valued consumers across their devices, social communities and your digital platforms.  We immerse ourselves with your frontline colleagues to develop the tools and behaviours that ensure they will be the beating heart of change in your digital transformation programmes.

To solve the biggest challenges


We help you better understand how consumers behave and what they are looking for when they interact and converse with their devices using voice commands and traditional search techniques.

We break down the conversation styles that develop in social communities and in contact centre interactions, that confound traditional listening techniques and analysis, we then present the insights at scale.

We understand what themes are driving trends and conversation content across mass networks, internal and external to your organisation, and can align the expertise, assets and resources best able to engage and make a difference.

With proven solutions


We will empower your teams by sharing how we capture, curate, analyse and interpret data to uncover new ways to engage consumers, that drive a proven competitive advantage. 

We build with you the capabilities to deal with the deluge of data available from conversation sources, and help you understand what to listen for, how to categorise, and how to predict shifts in consumer needs and demand.

We create the operating models, behaviours and skills required for your frontline colleagues that deliver insights, content and communication tools in the consumer's digital platform of choice, to ensure a personalised experience.

Our Solution Specialist


  Cameron MacQuarrie has 25+ years working for senior business and IT executives in global organisations to create differentiated customer service with innovative tools and platforms, he operates at the intersection of strategy, technology, process and macro factors to identify and develop digital transformation opportunities that deliver a competitive business edge.  

Our Data Specialist


 Tania Benade-Meyer has 10+ years experience working with structured and unstructured data.  Through the practical examination of various data outputs she is able to rapidly identify opportunities to improve operational efficiencies, align key metrics, automate reporting, identify customer intent and strategically align these to marketing campaigns and drive business outcomes. 

Our People Specialist


Jon Wood started his career in the military serving with the Royal Marines for 4 years, he spent most of his time with 42 Commando.  Jon’s professional career has mainly been involved with people. He has spent the past 30 years helping numerous organisations in getting their people to where they need to be through behavioural techniques, alignment to organisational strategies, values and role performance. 

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